SOS Haiti: A compilation for Haiti | Une compilation pour Haïti

A group of haitian musicians put together a collection of fine lyrics in honor of their country and the Haitian experience.  The artists include the following:

  Michael Benjamin – Intro (Haïti) 01mn 28s  
  02 – Ti Coca & Wanga-Nègès – A lanvè (St Valenten) 05mn 50s  
  03 – Adjabel – Cousin Zaka (feat. Ifé) 03mn 56s  
  04 – Maromet de Balan – Cérémonie vaudou mandingue (extrait) 01mn 17s  
  05 – Belo – Ayiti leve 04mn 27s  
  06 – Toto Bissainthe – Papa Danmbalah 04mn 39s  
  07 – Eugénie Thermidor – Erzulie 02mn 18s  
  08 – Melissa Laveaux – Interlude Haiti 00mn 14s  
  09 – Melissa Laveaux – Koudlo 04mn 10s  
  10 – Carlton Rara – Choukoun 04mn 41s  
  11 – Michael Benjamin – Si m’ te gen zèl (Vole) 04mn 28s  
  12 – Ti Coca & Wanga-Nègès – An tan mango 03mn 28s  
  13 – Adjabel – Paren legba 04mn 05s  
  14 – Carimi – Ayiti (bang bang)

SOS Haiti: A compilation for Haiti | Une compilation pour Haïti


Click on the link below to listen to album tracks

SOS Haiti: A compilation for Haiti


Lolo Beaubrun on NPR: A Voice Of Hope In Haiti

Renown musicians of Boukman Eksperyans, Lolo Beaubrun , and Manze were  interviewed on Morning Edition of NPR. Click on the links below to listen and read.

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Emeline Michel – Fò’m ale

BelO – Lakou trankil