Mining of Haiti Resources and Riches

In an interview with Chris Scott, Haitian human rights attorney Marguerite Laurent discusses the important subject of “Mining of Haiti Resources and Riches”

Listen to interview on mining in Haiti. Transcript is also available.

A map showing some of Haiti’s mining and mineral wealth, including five oil sites in Haiti

Oil in Haiti

HLLN on the causes of Haiti deforestation and poverty

Haiti’s Riches – expose the false stereotypes

Is the UN military proxy occupation of Haiti masking US securing oil/gas reserves from Haiti

Les recherches pétrolières bientôt relancées en Haïti

Drill, and then pump the oil of Haiti!

Microbe discovered in Haitian soil may develop super-antibiotic drug

Haiti’s future glitters with gold

Expose the Lies of the International Community about Haiti, its people and resources

Plundering Haiti’s Under Water Treasures: Iles-à-Vaches: Bronze Cannons, gold and emerald pieces stolen

New Preval Government Denounces Heritage Looting

‘One Step at a Time’: An Interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide

The Counter-Colonial Narrative on Deforestation in Haiti

Ezili Dantò on Help for the Hurricane Victims in Haiti

Source: Open Salon


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