Haiti, Religion, and Culture


Elizabeth McAlister

Elizabeth McAlister, Associate Professor in African American Studies and  American Studiesf at  Wesleyan University has recently written a number of articles and given several public  interviews on the subjects of Haitian culture, politics, and religion . These will hopefully help interested American public and the world at large  to be educated about the Haitian culture and experience.

“Interview on Vodou in Haiti,”  New York Times Interactive

“Understanding the Haiti Earthquake” Interfaith Voices Public Radio Int’l

“Devil’s Logic:  Behind Pat Roberton’s Haitian Blame Game” on Forbes.com

“Voodoo View of the Quake” on Newsweek/Washington Post On Faith

“Voodoo Brings Solace to Grieving Haitians,” NPR All Things Considered

“Why Does Haiti Suffer So Much?”  on CNN.com

“Haiti’s Musical Traditions, Past and Present” on The Takeaway/WNYC Radio

“Keith and Gail talk with Elizabeth McAlister about Haiti” on Fox Radio

“Cover Story:  Resurrection of the Dead” New Yorker online


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