Toqueville on Democracy in America

The great advantage of the Americans is, that they have arrived at a state of democracy without having to endure a democratic revolution; and that they are born equal, instead of becoming so

– Alexis de Toqueville, Democracy in AmericaHonestly, I’m very disturbed by the latter part of the quote , “that they (Americans) are born equal.” What Toqueville might have in mind was a selective number of people, not all Americans equally. Condoleezza Rice , in a recentspeech, notes that “Black Americans were a founding population,” she said. ” Africans and Europeans came here and founded this country together — Europeans by choice and Africans in chains. That’s not a very pretty reality of our founding.” Furthermore, she notes that “What I would like understood as a black American is that black Americans loved and had faith in this country even when this country didn’t love and have faith in them — and that’s our legacy.”

Am I perhaps misreading Toqueville? What say you?


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